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Victory for the Indigenous Movement

12 October 2019

In the ten days between 3-13 October, Ecuador's biggest popular uprising since 2005 -- marking the resurgence of the country's indigenous movement after 10 years of disempowerment -- was met with brutal repression from police and military, including attacks on hospitals and universities. The death toll reached at least nine, with more than 1,300 injured and more than 1,100 detained. Included here are three of the hundreds of civil society interventions that were made during those eventful ten days.

The Corner House and Campaign Against Arms Trade

4 April 2008

Even before the judgement has been given on the landmark judicial review of the decision by the UK's Serious Fraud Office to halt its BAE-Saudi Arabia corruption investigation, the UK Government has introduced draft legislation whose effect would be to prevent in future such a judicial review -- and even such an investigation. The Corner House and CAAT are calling upon the public and parliamentarians to voice their concerns about the draft Constitutional Renewal Bill.