News about The Corner House

After seven years of failure, the EU’s claims that it can ‘fix’ its collapsing Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) no longer have any credibility. We believe that the ETS must be abolished no later than 2020 to make room for climate measures that work. Read the civil society declaration at Your organization may sign on to the declaration on the same website. See also: "EU ETS Myth-Busting: Why It Can't Be Reformed and Shouldn't Be Replicated", released 15 April 2013.

On 8 December 2008, The Corner House was awarded a Human Rights Award "for the knowledge, skill and energy shown in their dedicated work to help the disempowered of the world" by Liberty, JUSTICE and the Law Society. The Awards are held every year to commemorate International Human Rights Day on 10 December and aim "to recognise and encourage individuals and organisations whose work is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of others."