Government proposes legislation to make BAE-Saudi corruption judicial review impossible in future

by The Corner House and Campaign Against Arms Trade

first published 4 April 2008

Even before the judgement has been given on the landmark judicial review of the decision by the UK's Serious Fraud Office to halt its BAE-Saudi Arabia corruption investigation, the UK Government has introduced draft legislation that would have the effect of preventing in future such a judicial review -- and even such an investigation.

Several clauses in the draft Constitutional Renewal Bill, announced on 25 March 2008, propose to create a new power for the Attorney General -- who is appointed by the Prime Minister as the Government's chief legal adviser and is a member of the Government -- to stop a criminal investigation or prosecution on the grounds of 'national security' without meaningful explanation or accountability to Parliament, the Courts or international bodies.

The Corner House and CAAT are calling upon the public and parliamentarians to voice their concerns about the draft Constitutional Renewal Bill.


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