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The vast majority of refugees and migrants today are forced to move because of conflict, social or economic oppression, extreme poverty or natural disasters (and the vast majority live in the countries of Asia and Africa).

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The Greening of Intolerance
Sarah Sexton, Nicholas Hildyard and Larry Lohmann

7 April 2005

Far-right groups in Britain are increasingly using environmental and social justice concerns to argue against immigration. This is part of a clear political strategy to make racist ideas and goals seem more respectable. Whether they like it or not, environmentalists are therefore being increasingly drawn into debates on immigration, refugees and asylum seekers. To counter this strategy, environmental groups need to link with those who have to deal with racism every day as a matter of strategy, process and structure.

How UK Foreign Investment Creates Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Ilisu Dam Campaign Refugees Project, The Corner House and Peace in Kurdistan

2 November 2003

UK companies, taxpayers and the government support many human rights abuses that can accompany British investment abroad and that can ultimately force people to flee their homes and their countries.

Joint Report of Fact-Finding Mission to Syria and Iraq
Kurdish Human Rights Project, Ilisu Dam Campaign, The Corner House

30 July 2002

In 2001, a delegation from three UK NGOs went to Syria and Iraq to conduct research and interviews on the potential downstream impacts of the proposed Ilisu Dam, scheduled for construction in southeast Turkey. The Fact-Finding Mission concluded that the Dam (and the wider GAP project of more dams and power plants) poses a real threat to future water supplies in Syria and Iraq. It urges the international community to press Turkey to halt further GAP projects until an agreement has been reached with Syria and Iraq that secures sustainable development of the Euphrates and Tigris.