Upsetting the Offset
The Political Economy of Offset Markets

by Steffen Bohm and Siddhartha Dabhi

first published 10 January 2010

"Anyone concerned about the future of the planet," writes Professor Ted Benton of the University of Essex, "should read this book. The contributors give powerful evidence and argument to show that the carbon trading regimes favoured by the world's elites will not work -- and are, indeed, set to make things worse. But the message is not negative. There are alternatives, both effective and desirable."

The book contains contributions from activists and academics from throughout the world including Cristian Alarcon, Sally Andrew, Ida Auken, Walden Bello, Steffen Bohm, Patrick Bond, Joanna Cabello, Ricardo Carrere, Melissa Checker, Ricardo Coelho, Philippe Cullet, Siddhartha Dabhi, Simon Dale, Vito de Lucia, Soumya Dutta, John Fenwick, Soumitra Ghosh, Jane Gibbon, Tamra Gilbertson, Mike Hannis, Rafael Kruter Flores, Chris Land, Chris Lang, Larry Lohmann, Nishant Mate, Larch Maxey, Sunita Narain, Raquel Nunez, Isaac Osuoka, Matthew Paterson, Ann Marie Sidhu, Fabio Silva, Keviin Smith, Sian Sullivan, Pedro Volkmann, Hadida Yasmin and Zoe Young.