Submission to the ECGD Interim Response to the Public Consultation on the ECGD's anti-bribery and corruption procedures introduced in December 2004

by Dr Susan Hawley

first published 18 November 2005


On 21 October 2005, the ECGD announced several proposed changes to its anti-corruption procedures (partly as a result of a public consultation on these procedures held from March-June 2005). The Corner House has serious concerns about these proposals, and about two of them in particular. The audit clause is so weak that it will not enable the ECGD to monitor fully whether bribery is occurring on the projects it supports or not. Unless the ECGD requires companies requesting ECGD support to supply the identities of their agents, it is not fulfilling its responsibilities to tackle corruption. This document outlines these arguments as part of The Corner House's submission to an ECGD consultation on its proposed changes.


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