Mausam (issues 2-5)
Talking Climate in Public Space

by NESPON, NFFPFW and Nagarik Mancha

first published 1 September 2009

Mausam magazine is designed to "challenge the 'intellectual fiefdom' established by governments, profiteers, and 'experts' of various shades and hues on issues of global warming and its solutions by providing space to alternative view points and voices, which are often wiser and more sensible."

This special issue, edited by Soumitra Ghosh and Subrat Kumar Sahu, contains essays on the monsoon, metal mining, fossil fuel politics and the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism by authors including Soumya Dutta, Devjeet Nandi, Rifat Mumtaz, Hadida Yasmin, Satya Sivaraman, Manshi Asher, Richard Mahapatra, Soumitra Ghosh, Samarendranath Das, Felix Padel, Tamra Gilbertson, Sasanka Dev, Nishant Mate and Vijendra Pardhi.