It Is Time to Create "Annex Zero"
A Proposal for the 2015 Paris Climate Summit

by Oilwatch International

first published 24 November 2015

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) divided member states into two groups: Annex I (essentially countries in the global North) and Non-Annex I (essentially the global South). Later came Annex II, which included members of Annex I obliged to provide financial and technical resources to the South for activities to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

During 20 years of UN negotiations, the countries of Annex I and II have done everything in their power to prevent specific and binding actions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that is at the root of global warming. No effective solutions to climate change are even on the table at the December 2015 climate summit in Paris.

The international network Oilwatch is therefore proposing the creation of a new Annex – Annex Zero – composed of the Indigenous Peoples and nations, provinces, states, or subnational regions and localities that actually are doing something about climate change by contributing to the project of keeping fossil fuels in the ground. It is these groups, hitherto given short shrift in international negotiations, whose efforts must now be recognised and supported by the UN.

Only by creating an incentive for other groups to join the goal of leaving coal, oil and gas where they are can the UN, national governments, and social organisations and movements move towards preventing climate disaster.

In connection with this proposal, made available here in English and Spanish, Oilwatch is collecting commitments from peoples who are committed to leaving fossil fuels underground and would like to be part of Annex Zero.