The Indian CDM
Subsidizing and Legitimizing Corporate Pollution

by Soumitra Ghosh and Subrat Kumar Sahu (edtiors)

first published 1 November 2011

In India the United Nations' market in carbon offsets is not only failing to address climate change, but also polluting local environments, displacing people and destroying commons. So argue the authors of this book from India's National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers, Society for Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action and North Eastern Society for the Preservation of Nature and Wildlife.

“Not a single project was found to yield any discernible benefits for the local economy, society and environment,” the authors conclude from an extensive, on-the-ground survey of Clean Development Mechanism projects in their country. These include industrial, coal-fired, waste-to-energy, wind energy, biomass, hydroelectric and forestry projects. The new market, they say, peddles fraudulent products and is principally a means of providing polluting firms with “profiteering” opportunities.

A PDF of this book is available upon request from The Corner House.