Ecuador Wages 'Lawfare' on Indigenous Plaintiffs
after Historic Legal Victory against Chevron

by Union de Afectados y Afectadas por las Operaciones Petroleras de Texaco

first published 25 September 2021

Despite suffering 50 years of some of the world's worst oil-related contamination at the hands of Chevron and winning an historic 28-year battle that promised to result in a cleanup of the company's toxic legacy, Ecuadorian Indigenous plaintiffs in the case are now under legal attack from their own government.

In an effort to appease Chevron and gain investors for oil expansion plans, Ecuador's Attorney General has reactivated a discredited investigation accusing Indigenous plaintiffs of bribing the judge that found in their favour on the basis of evidence that included Chevon's own contamination samples.

This September, Ecuadorian prosecutors traveled to Indigenous communities and forced plaintiffs (including a 100-year-old elder) to testify, thus criminalizing the very people poisoned by the oil company's "drill and dump" practices.