Fifteen Years of REDD
A Mechanism Rotten at the Core

by World Rainforest Movement

first published 3 May 2022

Since it was introduced in 2007, the scheme known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) has become a prominent part of forest policy around the world, affecting forest-dependent communities especially in countries possessing tropical forests.

The experience of the past 15 years has demonstrated REDD's catastrophic failure to address deforestation and forest degradation, to say nothing of the climate crisis. Indeed, REDD has become a leading cause of both deforestation and climate change as well as a perpetuator of global racism. It needs not to be reformed but abolished.

This publication by the World Rainforest Movement gathers 11 articles exploring the various dangerous dimensions of REDD, including one authored by The Corner House. The publication is available here in Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

A video of the November 2022 launch of the publication, featuring many of the authors, is available at

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