Creating Insecurities
The Consequences of EU Energy Policies

by The Corner House

first published 24 May 2011

The European Union’s 2008 Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan does not address conflict, insecurity, human rights, militarisation or the Millennium Development Goals. Most critically, it does not ask the questions Energy Security for Whom? or Energy Security for What?

Because of these ommissions, it will not deliver security of any kind for the majority of people in Europe and elsewhere. It threatens to leave them more at risk from energy supply disruptions and resource conflicts, more divided socially and economically, and more likely to have little or no access to energy. It is a policy about securing energy for the few by dispossessing the many.

(This presentation was given at a conference "Energy Security – Polish, European and Global Perspectives" in a panel addressing the global dimensions of the EU's energy policy and its impact on developing countries.)