Commoning as a Political Act
Conversations on "Commons" and "Commoning"

first published 1 January 2017

What is the commons? What is commoning?

In November 2014, The Corner House and Italian group Re:Common brought together colleagues from diverse movements in different places with varied experiences to discuss obstacles and blockages to our collective work. We discussed and shared thoughts about the meaning of "commoning" and "commons".

This webdoc captures some of those conversations, stories and discussions.

See also Reclaiming the Commons


The Italian group Re:Common strives to produce structural change in finance and the management of the natural commons in solidarity with those directly affected by harmful and unjust development. It develops and promotes alternatives to reclaim the management of both public finance and public interest natural commons. It advocates for new and democratic public financial institutions at national and global levels to promote the commons. Re:Common aims to support and enhance social movements with its analyses, campaigns and support so as to generate external pressure on governments and institutions for transformative change.