Weaponizing Water
Ukraine's Dams are Targets in Putin's War

by Nicholas Hildyard and Josh Klemm

first published 11 April 2022

Save the Tigris, a coalition of environmental justice groups working on water issues in Mesopotamia, has issued a statement strongly condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

Based on their "first-hand experience of dealing with the devastating consequences of imperialist wars," the groups (which include The Corner House) have specifically urged all combatants in the Ukraine war not to target critical infrastructure, including dams.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with Russians opposed to the war, the groups state: "We firmly believe that 'hydraulic warfare' in any form, along with targeting nuclear power plants, large oil facilities and gas pipelines, should be considered a war crime, regardless of the intentions of the warring side which is using it. Critical water and energy infrastructure should be off limits to military action."

The statement can be read at https://www.savethetigris.org/stop-water-wars-do-not-weaponize-dams-and-....

An article based on the statement has been published by the EU Observer and is available above. The article can be found also at https://euobserver.com/opinion/154675.